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2018 Home Design Trends

Housing trends change in various ways from year to year, here are some trends that are expected to make an appearance in 2018, see which trends you can incorporate into your own home!

Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors is becoming more popular and widely seen in design, whether its shown in cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, or even flooring. A mix of black and white can make a bold statement in any space. Check out the photos that our buyers have incorporated into their own homes!
Contrasting Colors

Modern Farmhouse Style

A trend that continues but is ever so changing is the classic farmhouse style. The mix of wood, shiplap, brick, and subtle colors can give a house a modern feel while still giving it a farmhouse look. Below are a couple modern farmhouse looks we’ve done!
Farmhouse Style House


Greenery is a great addition to a space as well as bringing the outdoors in. Whether it’s a potted plant, a small table plant or even a hanging plant, greenery is an affordable choice when looking to give your space a change.

3D Wall Design

A new upcoming trend that is being seen more of is 3D wall design, mainly seen in accent walls and backsplashes, a 3D design is a great way to add dimension your walls.
3D Wall Design

Pendant Lighting

A detail that has become more and more important over the years is lighting. Becoming more of a statement piece, pendants are being shown in a variety of spaces as a focal point and not only being used in the kitchen.
Pendant Lights

Brown and Beige Colors

After shying away from browns and beiges for some time, this trend will make its way back in 2018. Brown and beiges can give a space a comfortable and cozy feel while not being too overpowering.
Brown and Beige Colors

Dark Sinks

White and stainless-steel sinks will begin to become less popular in 2018. Copper, concrete granite composite and stone sinks are becoming the popular option while adding a different feel to your kitchen or bathroom.
Dark Sink Style

Trim Wall Features

Wainscot, shiplap, and reclaimed wood have been popular throughout the years. Becoming increasingly popular are walls that show off the trim feature and not just a small portion. Check out some of our recent homes that include different trim wall features.
Trim Wall Features

Matte Black Finishes

While 2017 was all about satin brass, 2018 is all about matte black! This year matte black is the popular finish to have for lighting, plumbing fixtures, windows and door hardware. Matte black is a versatile finish that works well for a number of different styles.
Matt black Finish Home Style

Other Trends that are Hot in 2018

  • patterned wood floors
  • dark countertops
  • statement ceilings
  • terrazzo
  • plants with patterns
  • concrete accents
  • wallpapes

Housing trends change in various ways from year to year, here are some trends that are expected to make an…

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