2021 Flooring Trends – Ideas For This Year

Flooring is often one of the last things people think about when remodeling a room or planning their custom dream home. However, it is also one of the design elements that can easily change the look of an area. While you can easily swap out décor styles years down the road, it’s more difficult to invest in a new flooring option, so you want to choose something that will last. It’s important to consider style, longevity, and cost up-front.


While carpet is still popular, hard surfaces are trending.

Hardwood is everywhere! While this flooring option used to be a staple in main areas, we are seeing hardwood continue to grow as the preferred surface in most rooms. There are also more and more alternative products that have come out, mimicking the look and feel of some hardwood floorings. The most popular being tile planks that look like hardwood and engineered vinyl planks. This is a great choice for consumers looking at a more cost-effective option.


Stone and wood looks, as well as natural styles and textures are going to be big.

Going back to the basics with bright and airy features like light and natural flooring are good options when looking for long-term flooring solutions. These simple alternatives will be fundamental flooring aspects for the next decade. They also make low-maintenance vinyl, a resilient flooring that can be made to resemble stone or hardwood floors. This is a popular and trending look as well.


Cool tones, lights and grays are a go.

Bleached and blanched wood is popular for a clean look in living room/kitchen spaces. Rather than the glossy brown stains that you probably think of when you imagine a hardwood floor, this flooring is wood that has undergone a bleaching process that gets rid of its “color.” The original color is a dye or stain coating on the wood. This gives the flooring an ashy, white-washed look while still being able to see the natural wood grain. Still the same charm and beauty of natural wood, just a different style.


Get crazy and creative, go big with unique patterns and large tiles.

Whether you want to use wood or tile, placing the flooring in patterns such as a herringbone or chevron design has become very popular. This look is done especially well in kitchens and bathrooms to add a unique twist to the area. Graphic tiles made a statement in 2020 and are making their way into 2021 as well. While flooring is usually a subtle part of any room, you can choose to announce your personality using your flooring as a personal art canvas. Graphic tiles can be repeating patterns or variations that come together like a jigsaw puzzle, forming an image.


Carpet textures are taking a twist with patterns.

For some people wood just can’t compete with the soft, plush feeling of carpet under their feet. While wood is a trending flooring option, carpet can be done in a stylish way in homes to make a statement. Looking into 2021 carpet trends, it seems people will be doing just that with bold, imaginative and innovative style.


These are our thoughts on the top trends in flooring for 2021. Most of these trends have been building in 2020 and we expect them to grow in popularity even more in 2021. Overall, most of these trends have a common theme of hard surfaces, cooler tones and the use of patterns and textures for a unique twist. When thinking about choosing your flooring options keep in mind the paint colors of your home so that the floor and walls work together in harmony.

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