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Doing White Walls Right on Seneca Drive

The ever popular gray and neutral tans have been taking a seat on the backburner this year as white walls have made their comeback. As one of the most requested trends of 2021 why is it that white has become the new gray? Well maybe our Seneca Drive Project can do the talking.

Why We are Loving White Walls

White walls may seem boring to some, but there is actually a lot of thought that goes into choosing the right white paint. The undertones in a white color on the walls can really alter how you see the rest of the features throughout your home and can even add contrast. YES! White, to add contrast! Let’s give you an example, if you decide to put beautiful warm colored wood flooring in a room you can choose a white paint with cool undertones such as blue or green to add contrast. White is so versatile that it can literally go with anything in your home.

Here you are able to see that we went with a warmer creamier white wall to create some depth in this large area. With extremely tall ceilings it was important to the client that the home still felt warm and airy. The cool white tones of the cabinets and shiplap feature on the fireplace helps to break up these large areas of white wall while still keeping that monochrome white look that we were going for.

The White Wall Trend

Using different white on white paint combinations in design is nothing new, but the way in which we have handled this trend has changed over the decades. Making decisions that will help to create a cozy feeling while utilizing such a reflective color can be a challenge. Today, the white you will see in our custom homes feel much softer and more inviting.

To add contrast space, you will notice the gray undertones that are incorporated in the white tile backsplash. This is a subtle way to add interest to the all white look. The goal for our Seneca Drive Project was to keep the clean and classic white wall look throughout.

Controlling Where Attention is Drawn

There’s something magical that a white wall is able to that is hard to achieve with other colors. It seems to make a room feel uncluttered, and clean. Like a blank canvas waiting for an artist. Kimberley Development’s experienced design team can put together a mixture of patterns, materials and textures that will stand out and bring that blank canvas to life.

Many different design styles are able to really shine in homes with white paint because of how dynamic it can be. Unexpected pops of color stand out, fixtures and hardware are able to steal the show, and beautifully unique architecture can show through in the simplicity that is a white wall. It is all about contrast, texture and creativity. Reach out to Kimberley Development Corporation for the custom home of your dreams.

The ever popular gray and neutral tans have been taking a seat on the backburner this year as white walls…

Kimberley Development quality of craftsmanship is what sets them apart

We had an exceptional experience building with Kimberley Development Corporation. Bill, Jenna, and the rest of the staff were very accommodating and responsive. Their quality of craftsmanship is what sets them apart. Its obvious why Kimberley Development is considered the best builder in central Iowa.

Dustin Leo | Ankeny