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Des Moines Custom Home Builder: Our Homebuying Process

There’s No Place Like a Custom Home

One of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime involves where memories are made, dinners are cooked (occasionally burnt), and life milestones take place. Your home. It takes more than simply flipping a coin to choose a home that you will live in for a significant amount of time, if not forever.

Our team at Kimberley Development understands the importance of family and providing a reliable, functional, and aesthetic home. As a result of our passion for developing high quality homes, it is important to our team to provide our homebuyers with a detailed building process to ensure transparency and satisfaction for each and every client.

custom home

Custom Home Process:

1. Initial Consultation

The very first step in our custom home building process is an initial consultation. At this initial meeting, our goal is to learn more about you and your vision for your ideal home. Because each home we build is unique, this step is vital to our team. Based on factors such as your budget, timeline, location, and style, we will discuss different options to best suit your needs. From there, our estimators will bid each project to the specifications discussed, ensuring accuracy.

Estimate of Costs: We will provide you with a pricing summary of your new home with all its options before you purchase so there are no surprises down the road.

2. Purchase Agreement

Next, our team will provide you with a no obligation pricing summary to review the cost of your new home with all options and design elements that have been requested. Once a purchase agreement has been signed, our contract price is guaranteed!

custom home process

3. Review/Customize Floor Plans

Whether your dream is to have a ranch style house plan, a walk out basement, or anything else you could dream of, our team will create a home plan that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Working within your budget, our drafter will come up with a fully custom house plan to provide the most functional, yet innovative home for you.

4. Design and Inspo Session

This is one of our favorite steps in our custom home buying process! This piece of the homebuying journey is where you will start to see your vision come to life. Our in-house designer will guide you through our design showroom and help you choose from a variety of top-grade materials and elements for your home. Our showroom display contains:

  • Flooring options
  • Paint colors
  • Countertop options
  • Cabinet colors
  • Pulls and handle options
  • Backsplash styles
  • Light fixtures
  • Brick/Stone options
  • And more!

5. Construction

After your selection is finalized, our superintendent will work to ensure your vision is built on schedule with “The Kimberley Difference” our team is known for. You will receive copies of your paperwork and process your mortgage commitment to signal the official start of the building process!

Our team and clients both enjoy the construction process and being able to watch a piece of land transform into a place to call home.

6. New Home Orientation Walk-Through

Once construction is completed, you are one step closer to new adventures and new memories. During your walk-through, you will learn all the ins and outs of your newly built home. You will receive warranty booklets, phone numbers and everything else you need to keep your new home running smoothly.

7. Settlement

It’s time to move in! You will receive the keys to your new home and sign any settlement paperwork.

Final Thoughts

Seeing our clients’ reactions as their vision comes to life is something you can’t put a price on, and our staff cherishes being there throughout every stage of their journey. Our goal is to provide you with a luxurious home that is far more valuable than the materials used to create it.

To learn more about building a custom home with Kimberley Development, that your family can thrive and grow together in, contact our team online or give us a call at (515)963-8335 and see what the Kimberley Difference is all about!

Before you buy: Use our helpful online mortgage calculator to understand your budget and monthly payment options. Discover our available lots ready to build on. There’s No Place Like a Custom Home One of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime involves…

Kimberley Development attention to detail, quality of materials & construction, and responsiveness to customer concerns is excellent

Building with Kimberley Development was a great experience from start to finish. We had an outstanding building supervisor who worked with us every step of the way. The Kimberley Development attention to detail, quality of materials & construction, and responsiveness to customer concerns is excellent. We recently moved into our villa and couldn’t be happier with it. We definitely recommend Kimberley Development for a great building experience!

Conrad Jungmann | Waukee