The Differences in Walkout, Flat, & Daylight Lot Types

When a home is being built, the floor plan is heavily influenced by the type of lot it will be on. Lots come in all shapes and sizes, and not all lots work with every floor plan. If a homebuyer has their heart set on a specific location, lot, or floor plan, our experienced team is able to explain which selections will make the most sense. In order to maximize the amount of usable space, it is important to work with an experienced builder. Kimberley Development offers a wide array of lot types, floor plans, and locations. Knowing the difference between lot types can help buyers make a well-informed decision.

Walkout Lot

walkout example

A walkout plan is popular because of the accessibility to the backyard. Lots that are ideal for a walkout basement are heavily sloped away from where the home will be. The major slope of the land allows for the foundation to be higher, and a good portion of the basement can be above ground. When the back section of a basement is above ground, it is tall enough to an exit leading to the backyard. The ability to incorporate full-sized windows improves natural lighting and makes for a more desirable, inviting area of the home. This type of plan offers many attractive features because the basement can be better utilized. Walkout basements not only improve the functionality, but also the value of the home.

Flat (or Standard) Lot

A flat lot is – you guessed it – mostly flat. The basement walls of a flat lot are all below ground level and egress windows are used. The main level is right at ground level making the yard extremely accessible. A porch or deck can be built with little to no stairs making gatherings easier and landscaping options almost limitless. This option is more cost friendly and gives great shelter from storms. Basements of a flat lot make for great theaters and gyms because of their cool, naturally dark atmosphere. Flat lots offer a variety of building options.

Daylight Lot

Daylight lots are a great option for both ranch and two-story homes. A Daylight lot is a combination of both a walkout and the standard flat lot. This option is more compatible to a variety of land elevations and can be a great option for those who want the added natural light from full-sized windows. A home built on a daylight lot, will have an elevated main level just as the walkout plan does. The main difference between a daylight lot and a walkout lot is that daylight basements do not have backyard access – only the main level will have a deck leading down to the yard that requires stairs and railings.

Building with Kimberley Development Corporation

Our team of home designers take special considerations to the layout of each home in order to create the most efficient designs. Whatever the size, shape, or grading of a lot, you can be sure that Kimberley has taken advantage of the best home plan for that land shape. Kimberley also offers a diverse selection of our own lots for custom, build-to-suit homes. We have new homes and lots in popular locations all over Central Iowa. No matter which lot type you decide on, we are able to create the home of your dreams and make the process an exciting experience that you will never forget.