4 Custom Home Design Considerations

The design plans of your custom home will be one of the most critical pieces of creating a true dream home. Everyone has their own unique set of priorities, but we have found that these considerations can make all the difference in building a home that will enhance your lifestyle and provide the most value within any budget.


Whether you are a master chef or not, the kitchen will most likely be a focal point in the home. Kitchens often become a gathering place, where you and your family will spend countless hours during meals, holidays, birthdays, school projects and entertaining. For these reasons, the kitchen also provides the biggest return on investment in resale value. Unique design elements in this space elevates the look and feel of a home to truly get the most out of a custom experience. Our experienced professionals help to find unique materials and design a space that can meet your changing needs as time progresses. Quality cabinets, lighting, and special features in this area of the home makes it uniquely yours and is always a good investment.

Family Room

The family room is another area where we don’t want to sacrifice square footage. This space will tie into the accommodations that your kitchen will allow. Your family will spend time in these two areas the most. Give yourself enough breathing room to host your close ones comfortably, leaving room for furnishings and other cozy features. Quality lighting and built-in focal points are a great accent to the rooms overall design.


Especially with the desire for an open floor plan, storage can be overlooked. As families grow, we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. Consider the amount of storage you currently have and discuss this with your builder. Most solutions are not very expensive and can help with keeping clutter out of sight.

Designing the home to have additional temporary storage in rooms such as the kitchen and office spaces will allow for better organization and less waste. Adding storage areas in closets can be an effective way to maintain the life of your wardrobe, help you store seasonal items, and keep shoes and accessories from getting lost or in the way.


The layout of your home should accommodate your family now, as well as your needs as time progresses. If you are planning to be in this home for a long time, you may want to think of things that could affect its functionality down the road. If you will be empty nesters in a few years maybe utilize the square footage in your common areas rather than spare bedrooms so you can comfortably host them as they have families of their own. If you are planning to retire in this house, consider how often you will have to use stairs. Plan now for the future you desire, and the home will age well with you.

By thinking of these things before and during the design process, you’ll be happy in your custom home for years to come. Building a home from scratch might seem strenuous, but it can be one of the best things you do for your family. Enjoy the process and ask questions. If you would like to hear about our lots available around the Greater Des Moines area, call us at (515) 963-8335.