5 Design Trends that are IN for 2021

Looking forward into 2021, we are excited for the year ahead and are inspired to find ways that continue to make us a leader in the homebuilding industry for the Des Moines metro area. While many 2020 styles are here to stay, there are 5 emerging trends that we want to introduce and focus on in this article. Follow along to see what you can expect in future Kimberley homes!

  1. Bigger is Better
  2. Go big or go home with tile trends this year! Larger tiles are looking to be one of the hottest flooring trends of the new year. But it doesn’t have to stop at the floor. Many designers have been repurposing tile to use as accent walls especially in bathrooms. This can give the area a one of a kind design.

  3. Earth Toned Sanctuaries
  4. After the year we’ve had with so much time spent at home, having a space that exudes peaceful and comforting vibes is almost essential. Whether that space is in your bedroom, a bathtub nook or reading corner this approach works in almost any room. While some might find neutral colors boring, they don’t have to be. Adding warm earth tones can spice up a room while still giving off the inviting and homey feel.

  5. Simple Sells
  6. “Less is more” became a trend that topped the charts over the last year and that will continue to make its appearance. Not only do so many appreciate the minimalistic look, studies have shown that an uncluttered, clean space is known to increase our happiness and health. What this means for design? Streamlined furniture and simplified color schemes.

  7. Wallpaper Comeback
  8. One option to draw attention to and add character to a room is to use wallpaper. I know, who would of thought that it would make its way back into our homes? Whatever your taste, there is something for everyone. You can go bold with floral and geometric patterns or stay neutral with minimal designs. When looking for living room ideas, this is a great choice!

  9. Wowing Wood Walls
  10. Wood wall treatments have made their debut in interior design trends over the past few years as experimental backsplash options in some kitchen designs. But, what about adding them to a bedroom as an accent wall? This can be an easy way to make the atmosphere feel simple, soothing and warm.


We hope this article gives you a little peek into the coming year of home and décor trends! Here at Kimberley we are eager to meet the 2021 clients that will become a part of the KDC family. If you’re looking to buy a new construction or custom home, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can be contacted at 515-963-8335 and look forward to hearing from you!