7 Design Trends to Watch for in 2022

Earthy Neutrals

We have watched the color grey fade out of popularity this year and a shift has brought us to warmer neutrals. Earthy colors have been taking over recently and we are seeing more use of greens. Neutral colors that we have been loving this year will have more undertones of the warm and creamy colors that go well with light wood accents. Bringing a more natural feel to our homes.

Custom Exterior Design


Anything with a round edge is becoming a hot choice in furniture as well as architecture. We can expect to see more doorways and accents with arches, curved furniture and rounded decorative pieces to break up the clean straight lines and create a more organic looking home.


Florals and checkered prints really had a moment this year. Large scale patterns are showing up more often and more people want to be riskier with their design expression. We believe adding pops of color or interest with repetitive patterns will be here to stay in 2022. We love layering these looks in a minimalist space to create interest and depth.

Vintage and Recycled

Thrifting has become popular this year because of the supply shortages. Upcycling and reusing thrifted items will be popular. The celebration of creativity and uniqueness that vintage finds possess are creating a demand and are a more sustainable option. The structures in a home will reflect this change by becoming more adaptable. You’ll see the blending of more permanent materials, such as stone and gold accents, become more prominent.

Black Accents

Black is an easy choice because it goes well with any other color. Black hardware, faucets, and windows will become a top pick to ensure longevity throughout a home. The dark color helps to add depth and accentuates the smaller elements in a room since it is common to keep the main colors of a space lighter. Adding this contrast will keep things from feeling too flat or blending in.

Multi-Functional Rooms

We have seen a decrease in specialty rooms such as theaters and arcade rooms. With people spending more time at home since the beginning of the pandemic, every square inch has been utilized with functionality in mind. Having a room designated for one specific purpose is not ideal when it isn’t being used on a daily basis.

Natural Materials

We will see a focus on natural materials used throughout the home. The rise in the organic and earthy look will translate to people wanting more wood, stone, concrete, and marble in their homes. Fast furniture will be a thing of the past, and people will be willing to invest in pieces that coordinate with the transitional styles found in the structures of their homes. These materials have a longer shelf life and are considered to be a more responsible purchase.