8 Reasons Ankeny Makes a Great Place to Live

It’s no surprise why Kimberley Development is proud to call Ankeny (now listed as Iowa’s fastest growing community) “home” through nearly four decades of business. The following list reflects why so much of what Kimberley Development is building and developing is happening in the ever-growing town of Ankeny.

1. Growing population

More people are moving to Ankeny than any other town in Iowa. From 2005 to 2015, our population has increased approximately 50%.

2. Places to Play

Ankeny offers more than 40 parks and 80 trails and is close to Saylorville Lake with 25,000 acres of outdoor recreation opportunities.

3. Safe Community

According to the City’s most recent survey, 97% of residents feel safe in Ankeny.

4. Quality Education

Approximately 87% of Ankeny’s high school graduates intend to pursue post- secondary education/training compared to 67% of all Iowa students.

5. Increasing Sales

Retail sales in Ankeny have increased 14% in three years, topping $775 million.

6. Optimistic Residents

90% of residents are optimistic about the economic future of the community according to a city survey.

7. Strong Investment

Total new investment in Ankeny exceeded half a billion dollars over the past two years.

8. Supportive Business Environment

Since 2010, Ankeny’s local business investment policy has helped 14 companies, supported more than 2,000 jobs, and stimulated more than $200 million in private investment.

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