Build A Custom Home That Will Grow With Your Family

When you feel that it is time to move out of your current home, for whatever the reason, it can be an exciting and stressful process. Waiting for the perfect home to pop up in your desired location can take months in the current market, and even then, you may not be the only homebuyer lining up to offer. Sometimes, the list of needed features is adjusted and families make big compromises on the things they wished they wouldn’t have. As a family grows, it is important that their home is able to grow with them. Here are a few of the reasons our homebuyers choose to build a custom home with Kimberley Development Corporation.

Planning Ahead

In order to accommodate changes within a family, many people choose to sell their home and look for a new one. It can be near impossible to find a home on the market that fits your needs today while also taking the future into consideration. Building a custom home affords you the opportunity to make choices based off of your plans in the foreseeable future. Not only can a home be built with your dream-life in mind, it can be built near your dream location, and the design can reflect your style and personality perfectly.

Built-In Features

When building from the ground up, you are able to incorporate all of the latest features. Smart home features that provide security, sustainability, and convenience are becoming more popular each passing day. Controlled lighting, optimized temperature, distributed audio, and different home automation options aren’t just cool party tricks, they are features that can be incorporated to save you time, energy, and money.

Self Expression

A house feels more like a home when it is a reflection of your style. A custom home is the epitome of true expression for the homeowners. It is your chance to showcase your own unique taste down to the doorknobs, fixtures, and appliances. Collaborate with an experienced designer who can help with selections to perfectly represent the look you are going for.

Build Where You Want to Live

Before thinking about what your home will look like, finding the perfect location is vital. Shopping for an existing home limits your options when you are set on a specific school district, city, or work commute. Kimberley communities can be found all throughout Central Iowa, in the most desirable locations.

Choose A Custom Home By Kimberley

Choosing to build a custom home means that every detail can be designed around your lifestyle making it the most functional, efficient, and comfortable home for you and your family. Kimberley Development Corporation has been building homes in Central Iowa for over 40 years. Work with us on your custom home build and you get access to our extremely talented, innovative, and experienced team. Call us at 515.963.8335 to speak with someone about your vision and how we can help.