Create the Ultimate Backyard for Your Custom Home

When it comes to luxury homes, the beauty and functionality shouldn’t be confined within four walls. Outdoor living spaces provide the perfect opportunity to extend the luxury and create a seamless blend between indoor and outdoor environments. The Kimberley team loves to explore the art of designing stunning outdoor spaces that offer relaxation, entertainment, and a true sense of luxury living. Join us as we dive into these key categories we consider when planning your custom backyard.

Embracing Nature

Incorporating natural elements into outdoor design creates a seamless integration with the surrounding natural beauty. From lush gardens and vibrant landscaping to tranquil water features, the goal is to create an oasis that harmonizes with nature and provides a serene environment.

Lighting and Ambiance

Strategic lighting design can transform the ambiance of outdoor spaces. Thoughtfully placed lighting fixtures and accent lights highlight architectural features, illuminate paths and walkways, and create a magical atmosphere after sunset. This can also be done with large windows that will reflect a natural brilliance in focal areas. By combining functionality and aesthetics, outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy your luxurious outdoor spaces both day and night.

Environmental Considerations

Sustainability is an important consideration in modern luxury home design, and it extends to outdoor spaces as well. Incorporating eco-friendly features such as water-saving irrigation systems, drought-tolerant landscaping, and the use of renewable materials aligns with a sustainable lifestyle and ensures that your outdoor space is not only beautiful but also environmentally conscious.

Incorporating Lifestyle

Cultivating the perfect yard isn’t limited to relaxation; it also includes opportunities for active lifestyles. Incorporating outdoor fitness and sports amenities adds an element of excitement and wellness to your outdoor space. From home gyms with panoramic views to tennis or basketball courts for friends and family, these amenities encourage a healthy and vibrant lifestyle that aligns with your unique hobbies within the comfort of your own backyard.

Pool or No Pool

Luxury Pool Swimming pools and spas are iconic features of luxury outdoor living. Custom-designed pools with elegant features such as waterfalls, fountains, and ambient lighting create a visually stunning focal point. These elements can add an extra layer of indulgence to the outdoor experience, but they are not for everyone.

Seating and Dining Areas

Designing private patios and courtyards with cozy fireplaces, intimate seating areas, and beautiful landscaping allows homeowners to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and create a serene sanctuary within their own property. These spaces become perfect havens for relaxation, reflection, and quality time spent with loved ones.

The Kimberley Difference

With thoughtfully incorporated amenities such as cozy fire pits, refreshing swimming pools, and inviting lounging areas, your outdoor oasis becomes a haven for relaxation, entertainment, and making lifelong memories. At Kimberley Development Corporation, we pride ourselves on crafting outdoor spaces that reflect your unique vision and elevate the art of luxurious living. Learn more about our custom home process by calling (515)963-8335 or contact us today!