Deciding Between a Custom Build VS. Full Remodel

Recently, more homeowners have been wondering if they should completely renovate their existing home or start fresh with a custom build. Every case is unique, and the gravity of the decision will play a huge roll in your life. Let us help you determine if you would be happier with a new home, or a remodel.

Important Considerations

Before you can decide what would be best for your specific needs, you must determine your priorities. Each plan offers unique benefits and having thought through what you will gain or give up in each circumstance may help to come to a conclusion that you can feel confident in.

The Logistics

Once you have a good idea of what you want, it is time to see if your plans align with what a builder can do. It is important to learn as much as you can about your existing home. Asking a your builder/renovator about the challenges they may face could save you from planning too far ahead only to be disappointed if something cannot be done.

    If these points apply to you, it may be best to remodel:

  • You enjoy the current location of your home and there are no open lots nearby.
  • With your budget you will be able to keep your home value at a saleable level or will be able to stay long-term.
  • You are dreading the idea of packing and going through the moving process.
  • You have the finances available to make your “dream home” changes.
  • You feel a strong sentimental attachment to your home.

    If these points apply to you, it may be best to build:

  • The changes you want to make to your existing home can’t be remodeled the way you desired.
  • You are open to changing locations or see available lots in the neighborhood you like.
  • Your budget to renovate the key areas will cost more than resale value.
  • You are wanting to downsize significantly.
  • Packing and moving doesn’t bother you.
  • There is not enough land to do what you want to your existing home.
  • You want more freedom with design and layout.

Let Us Help

There are no easy answers when it comes to making the choice between a remodel and building. Depending on your situation, budget, and the current functionality of your home – there are many ways either route could benefit you. Kimberley has an experienced team in both home renovations and building from scratch. We can assist in your large projects or help create your dream home from the grass up.