In-Home Office Design Features for your Custom Home

Many corporate workers transitioned to working from home when the Covid-19 pandemic was at its peak. Now, there are a significant number of companies that are more accepting of their employees wanting to continue their work from home. Having a designated workspace within your home could be the key to preserving productivity. Here are some features you may consider adding to a custom home if you have transitioned to working from home part or full-time.

Reduce Noise

Sharing the home while working can be distracting. For this reason, soundproofing the workspace in your home is an excellent idea to help block out the unwanted noise beyond the walls. Having a noise barrier will help create a professional environment. Even if you do not usually share the space with other people or animals, soundproofing helps to limit interruptions that are out of your control. Construction, neighborhood pets, the doorbell, and more can easily distract from a business call.


It is important to keep an office tidy and organized. Creating a designated storage area that is out of sight will help to keep items from accumulating on and around your workspace. Consider what you typically need on a daily basis and keep that within arm’s reach. Built-in shelving is great for reference material, and a filing system will keep documents neatly organized. If you want the option to convert your workspace into a spare bedroom, consider adding a storage area that can be easily modified and utilized as a closet.

In this Kimberley Development Custom build from our Otter Creek Community, we created a beautiful library in the home office. Built in structures are great options if you are looking to add more storage and want the custom, luxurious look. Time and time again, Kimberley has proven that stunning focal points can be practical too.


The environment where one works is crucial for any office space. If it is possible, choose an area of the home that has both access to natural lighting and a decent view. Choose artificial lights overhead that provide good general lighting and some accent lights for late work nights or for task lighting.

Floor Plan

Once you have an idea of everything you will need to work from home successfully, it’s time to think of your floorplan. Determining what furniture and lighting you need will help you place outlets in the most efficient areas. Floor outlets may be a great option to keep cords hidden. Determine where in your home your office would make the most sense in your home for your needs. Some people prefer to work on the main floor for convenience. Others like being a bit more removed by planning the office space in an area of the home with less traffic.

We decided to add the office right off of the front entrance. This location was chosen to decrease foot traffic through the house and to keep distance between the office area and bedrooms.

The Kimberley Difference

Let the professionals at Kimberley Development Corporation help to design the most functional custom layout for your specific lifestyle. We will work with you to ensure your needs are reflected in the features of your new home or help to fully remodel your existing home into the home of your dreams.