Luxurious Bathroom Ideas for your Custom Build

Unexpected Layout Decisions

The beauty in designing a custom home is the ability to be unpredictable. Whether you decide to create a more symmetrical, balanced layout or a quirky, untraditional layout is completely up to you. One way to make your master bath look and feel more luxurious is to play with your layout decisions. Double sinks are wonderful to move around and create more space and visual balance in the room. A uniquely placed tub can add drama and create focus that draws the eye. Strategically placed and sized mirrors can reflect natural lighting allowing a spacious room seem even larger and a small room to feel roomier and brighter.

45th ct bathroom

Prioritize Your Needs

A master bath is where you begin and end your day. It is important that the functionality meets your unique needs. If you are an avid bath lover, it is okay to design your room around your dream tub. Splurging on the features that will be used the most is the best way to get the most worth out of your master bath. If you enjoy pampering yourself at home your bathroom can reflect that by incorporating relaxing elements, architectural features, materials, and fixtures. If color and boldness bring you to life, a master bath is the perfect space where you can express your unique style.

Customized Storage

Nothing looks more luxurious than something that is custom to your home. Built in vanities and custom storage will keep any room from looking cluttered. When you have complete control over each element that is introduced to the area, there are endless options and details available to produce the overall look that you are going for. In terms of design and functionality, storage is on our list as the most important bathroom element.

Incorporate Different Materials

The materials used in each room work together to create balance. A harmonious master bath that incorporates multiple materials is sure to elevate any space. The mixture of metal, concrete, natural stone, wood, when implemented correctly, makes for a stunningly unique area.

Be Bold When You Want to Be

Because a master bath is an intimate space that usually no one else will enjoy, it can be fun to tie in more personality. A bathroom is still a large part of a home, and it is important that there is cohesion throughout an entire property. However, spicing up the area where your guests do not have access to can be a great way to express your style and creativity. If that means sprinkling in an edgier look while remaining consistent with the rest of the home’s aesthetic, please go for it.

edgy bathroom

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