Luxurious Primary Bedroom Features for Your Custom Home

When building a custom home, one of the rooms we suggest putting extra thought into is the primary suite. Its location, style, and features can make a home more comfortable while also providing the most convenience for your lifestyle. Here are some of the luxurious options you can add to your bedroom with Kimberley Development.

Sitting Areas

For our early risers and late-night readers, it is a wonderful option to have seating within the primary suite to relax. Having a separate area to lounge helps give you the cozy comfort and privacy of your bedroom without forcing you to lay in a bed where you are bound to feel drowsy.


A fireplace can be a wonderful focal point in a room. The cackling sound and warmth of a fire is the epitome of relaxation.

Upgraded Shower

Everyone enjoys a long, hot shower. Why stop the upgrades at hardware? Create the ultimate master bath with spa-like features incorporated in your shower. Sauna or steam capabilities will leave your skin feeling refreshed.

Added Storage

Storage is a must in the primary bedroom. Remove any chance of clutter or mess by creating areas that hold the possessions you own out of sight. Drawers, vanities, closet built-ins, shelving, and cabinets give you an outlet while remaining practical.


Sunshine is known for making us feel great. Choosing large abundant windows in a primary suite helps to fill the room with beautiful, natural light. Saving you money on energy and giving you a boost of serotonin.