Modern French Country Design Style Mashup

Using multiple design styles can be extremely rewarding. When meshing two or three styles together, a designer can utilize contrasting elements in those styles to complement each other. Our custom homes are built with a variety of materials, design elements, and details. Each piece is an important part of the project’s overall look and feel. Marrying these aspects of design only works when the overall design elements flow seamlessly. Let’s talk about how we took some of our favorite features of the modern, French, and country design styles and created this custom work of art in Central Iowa.

Find Consistencies

Both French and country styles feel more romantic and take a more simplistic approach. We love how each of the two styles remove one from the busy outside world and create an atmosphere of peace and serenity.

5233 Entry

Harmonizing Shapes

We made use of curves and arches which is central to French design to balance out some of the more traditional country style lines that can be found throughout the home in the ceiling beams, island slats and custom built-ins.

structural shapes

Create Balance

Incorporating variety and playing with shape and color helps to balance the visual weight in these large open areas. You will see features that balance every element to create equilibrium. Arches and round accent windows keep the sharp edges feeling less strict. Metal accents balance out the warmth of the wooden structures. Stone and earthy tones create some masculinity and compete with the more romantic forms. Even the emphasis on empty space helps to balance all the intricate details that could become overwhelming if not broken up in some way.

Modern French Country Kitchen

Coordinate Colors and Textures

You will find a lot of earthy, neutral colors throughout this home. By sticking to a more organic color palette, we leave focus on the distinctive design elements that make this home so unique. The compatibility of these neutrals along with the whispers of stony blues, and greens work well with the rich wooden elements.

Hallway Details

Subtlety is Key

To create this French country home’s exterior and make the look more modern, we incorporated the sleek, clean look from modern design with sharp unadorned windows and added a sprinkle of romanticism with hints of curvature to the eaves.

home exterior

We are thrilled with yet another project coming to a close, and we are eager to share our knowledge and experience to help more families create their own dream home that feels safe, comfortable, and beautiful. Want to work with us? Call us at 515.963.8335 to see what lots and homes are currently available or to discuss your timeframe. Let us answer any questions you may have; we want you to feel great about your decision to build with Kimberley Development Corporation.