Natural Lighting in your Custom Home

Lighting plays a crucial role in the overall look and feel of a home. Experienced builders strategically position the home, place the windows and plan the fixtures cohesively to work with instead of against each other.

The Benefits of Good Lighting

Creating sustainable homes is what we do best, and lighting takes on a major role in that. Instead of placing features and designing based solely on what “may look nice” we create our designs around functionality. A home that is built well utilizes the environment saving energy and in the long run, money. Light placement and design also plays a role in the way you feel and think. Have you ever noticed that you think more clearly when in a well lit room? Capitalizing on these lighting techniques will alter the way you feel, think and spend.

How to Position the House

The first step to optimizing light in your custom home is positioning. Building your home to harness the best natural light in your common rooms can be tricky. The sun moves across a daily path that is higher or lower depending on the season. Luckily our experts can orient a home so throughout the year you are getting the best natural source of light.

Where to add Windows

Planning the placement of windows helps to let light into your home where you need it most. Whether you are building new, or doing a full remodel windows are one of the most important elements of a home. Windows need to be placed in areas of the home that make sense. In order to create a balanced structure that brings some of the elements in without giving up precious wall space for furniture.

Artificial Lighting

Layering the type of lighting in your home will add depth with indirect and direct fixtures. Utilizing light to focus on key features in the home or creating a more natural feel to the space to do tasks, like reading or getting ready for the day. Dimmers are a great way of adding control of the levels of lighting without having to add multiple fixtures and switches.

Design to Amplify Light

The colors and materials that are used within a home will greatly impact the effect that natural lighting has on the interior as well. Mirrors and other reflective or shiny surfaces will bounce the light that is already there off of its surface for the illusion of a bigger space. Paint color and finish will also effect the brightness of a room. Lighter colors are used to reflect light and darker will absorb. Ever wonder why white ceilings are popular? It’s because it is a natural way of reflecting light down into the room.