Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

Assess Must-Haves and Wishes

Kitchens require a lot of thought when formulating a plan of action. Take into consideration what you use your kitchen for, how much storage you require, and how many people you will need to accommodate. For example, if your family tends to hangout in the kitchen it would be a good idea to incorporate an island that can function as a bar as well. Create a list of the areas you love about your kitchen as well as pain points that need solutions. You don’t necessarily need to have a design in mind, but these key points will help a contractor remodel your kitchen in a way that is practical for your family’s needs.

Fix your Budget

Once you have a rough idea of what you need and what would be nice, its time to think about your budget. If you are planning on keeping your home for a long time it makes sense to spend what you want to fit your needs in a custom dream kitchen. On the other hand, if you are empty nesters and want to downsize soon, maybe its best to make renovations that focus on adding value to the home. For reference, a decent kitchen renovation will cost around 10% of the total value of your home. Once you have an overall budget to shoot for, you can go through your list of needs and try to divvy it up.

Learn your Style

For most people, this is the fun part. Find inspiration and save the styles and features that you love. These notes will help your kitchen designer and contractor, so they understand your taste. This is also a great way to figure out for yourself what speaks to you and what you want to avoid at all cost.

Consult with a Professional

It is important to talk with a professional designer early on in your planning process. They can help to get the most out of your space within your budget. Designers and Contractors can save a homeowner money and make suggestions based off of their experiences.

Ready to Start the Process?

If you are ready to start planning out your dream kitchen, Kimberley can help. Our team is experienced in every sector of home building and remodeling. We dedicate ourselves to making your dream kitchen come to life and will provide quality work and communication throughout the entire process. Call us at (515) 963-8335.