Reasons Why People are Moving to Central Iowa

Over the past few years more people have decided to move from the coast to the Midwest. Iowa is an appealing choice for newcomers because of the opportunity and affordability. Known as “America’s Heartland,” the Midwest is a unique place that offers much more than agricultural land. Here are just a few reasons why people are choosing Iowa as their long-term residence.

Excellent Education Systems

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Iowa public school districts maintain a long tradition of academic excellence. The challenging and meaningful curriculum in Iowa’s standards known as the Iowa Core, help to identify key concepts and skills needed for students to be prepared for higher education or succeed in the workforce. Iowa also consistently ranks in the nations top 10 states for highest SAT and ACT test scores.


Custom Exterior Design

More affordable housing is another great pro for Iowa’s residents. Many Iowa transplants find that their standards of living are more than achievable here. People who move from the coast are often excited about the wide variety of locations as well. Central Iowa provides everything from small town communities, farmlands, and quaint communities to large metropolises with big-city-like culture and exclusive properties. Cities in Central Iowa have been growing exponentially, making homeownership a quality investment. Owning land in places with growth and room for development is an exciting and safe way to diversify your assets while being apart of an evolving culture.


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The Midwest is home to some of America’s most historically rich and iconic cities. Living in the middle of the nation makes it easier to travel from place to place. Iowans are within driving distance of big cities, beautiful lakes and all kinds of entertainment, but we do not have to deal with big city traffic on a daily basis. Traveling from city to city within Iowa is fast and simple, but in most cases, the bigger cities are near prime shopping, safe neighborhoods, great parks, zoos, restaurants and more.

Sense of Community

The Midwest has a reputation for being home to a population of hardworking, friendly people. The values of family and community are strong, making Iowa a wonderful place to raise or start a family, retire, and meet new people.

Premier Builders in Central Iowa

HBA Event Honor Awards

Kimberley Development Corporation, based in Ankeny Iowa, has been building award-winning, luxury homes for over four decades. The renowned homebuilding practice is led by owner and president, Bill Kimberley and vice president, Jenna Kimberley — both of whom have been recognized on multiple occasions for their achievements in the homebuilding industry. Kimberley has built more than 2,500 houses and was voted Ankeny’s best builder 11 times along with numerous awards at the HBA’s HomeShowExpo. In addition, the company has developments in more than 20 communities in Central Iowa.