Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring is officially here! Take advantage of the moderate temperatures to get a head start on your spring home maintenance checklist. Use our list to get started!



The easiest way to check your roof is to use binoculars. Keep an eye out for loose or missing shingles. Check for leaks and make sure vents are clear. Clean accumulated debris out of gutters and check alignment. Make sure flashing around roof stacks, vents, and angled areas/corners are in proper place and that there are no leaks in surrounding areas.


Look for any deteriorating stone, bricks, or mortar. Clear out any nests or accumulated debris and clean.


Check for deteriorating stone, bricks, or mortar. Check siding and stucco for damage or rot; put a fresh coat of paint on areas with any fading or flakes.


Search your foundation top to bottom for any cracks. Hire a professional who can perform an epoxy injection system, which chemically bonds cracks and holds up better than chalking.


Ensure that your windows have a tight seal to keep your home cool and dry in the upcoming months. Check that any chalking or weather stripping you may have previously applied is still intact. Put window screens back in windows and check for tears. The same goes for door screens, if applicable. Replace damaged screens, if necessary, before the bugs come out. Spring clean the inside and outside of your windows with either store bought or homemade window cleaner. Never use a high-pressure washer, which can crack the chalking around the window.


Rake any debris, leave, or branches that you may have missed in the fall to ensure your grass doesn’t die. Now is also the time to prevent weeds from germinating. Consider using a herbicide, as fertilizers are better suited for fall. Make sure your outdoor water system is in working order for the spring and summer months. As soon as the ground is thawed, start to prepare for planting.


Sweep and remove any debris that has accumulated between the boards. Routinely doing this will extend the life of your deck, whether it’s made of wood or composite. If the finish on your wood deck is faded, now is the perfect time to clean, stain, and reseal it. The same goes for any wood fencing or pergolas.


If your grill has been sitting idle all winter perform a maintenance check. Check for any clogs in the burner jets, and make sure the gas hose and other connections are secure. You will also want to check the propane tank.


Air Conditioning

Just like you ready your furnace in the fall, now is the time to make sure your air conditioner is working for the warm months to come. Change your filter and vacuum any dust that’s settled on the unit and connections; over time it can impact the effectiveness.


Flush out hot water in the water heater to remove accumulated sediment.


Look for loose tile or missing grout in tiled areas such as a kitchen backsplash, bathroom, laundry room, etc. Re-caulk if necessary.

HVAC System

Check your furnace by looking for proper flame color; look for scaling on heat exchanger and any rust. Note odd sounds or smells and check the condition of venting. Clear any accumulated debris.


Check for any signs of critters and insects, as well as leaks or insulation issues.


The basement is prone to dampness and insects and should be routinely inspected. Any dampness suggests higher than normal humidity, lack of ventilation, and a need for a dehumidifier.