Spring Remodeling Projects for Your Home

Increase Square Footage

If you have the option for a home addition, it is a worthy investment. Not only is the cost-to-value ratio usually higher compared to other remodeling projects, but it also works as a great solution to needed space without having to move. Don’t want to sacrifice land? Building up could be the perfect compromise. It is important to understand your options. Our skilled team of professionals are able to assess your needs to help come up with options based on your current home.

159th st basement

Upgrade Flooring

Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home, updated flooring can have many different benefits. Of course, new flooring gives your home a high quality, more expensive look and that leads to a higher resale value. In addition, new flooring throughout your home can make a huge impact on the look and feel of your home, it can be more functional, be less work to maintain, and give your home a fresh, clean start.

crabapple flooring

Improve Functionality

If there are sections of your home that are not being utilized, maybe the space has the potential to transform into something that is more suited to your needs. Functionality in a home is key. Whether it is a space that needs a purpose to look more complete, or an entire room needs to be more accessible, we can discuss the options.

walk in closet

Update the Kitchen

Nothing ads more house appeal than a fully updated kitchen. In most homes, the kitchen is where family and guests congregate. Kitchen renovations can help to create a comfortable, stylish, and convenient space for everyday use.


The Kimberley Construction Team

Kimberley Construction works with homeowners to take their lovely homes and customize them to meet their specific needs. Our team has the expertise and knowledge needed to improve the look, feel, functionality, and efficiency of a home, while working with you to stay within a set budget. We have innovative designers that can utilize each square foot and find solutions so that you don’t have to compromise on your dream home. If it’s possible, Kimberley Construction can make it so.