The Power of Contrast in Custom Home Building

When it comes to designing custom homes, finding the perfect balance between creating interest and ensuring timelessness is crucial. One effective design technique that achieves this balance is the use of contrast. By incorporating contrasting elements both internally in home features and materials, as well as externally, you can create powerful designs that stand the test of time. Here are some of our basic tips to use contrast to its fullest potential, while still designing a home that remains unaffected by passing trends.

Curb Appeal

One way to achieve contrast with exterior finished is by mixing siding types to create texture. Imagine combining horizontal lap siding with vertical board and batten siding, or incorporating stone veneer alongside traditional vinyl siding. This interplay of different materials adds depth to the home’s exterior.

Another way to add visual interest is to create contrast with darker accent colors. Consider opting for a darker shade for your garage doors, trim, or even roofing. This contrast against lighter siding or brickwork can create a striking visual effect, making these elements stand out and adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

In the Kitchen

Moving indoors, the kitchen is an excellent space to experiment with contrasting materials. Picture a kitchen with black metal pendant lights hanging above a central island, complemented by gold cabinet handles. The cabinets themselves could be made of rich, warm wood, while open shelves are painted in a natural color. A tile backsplash adds texture, and the quartz countertops tie the whole look together. This combination of metal, wood, tile, and stone creates a visually captivating and timeless kitchen design.

Focal Features

A focal point like a fireplace offers an opportunity to incorporate contrast in a different way. Consider painting the built-in shelving surrounding the fireplace in a deep, contrasting color. This creates a striking visual contrast against the lighter-colored walls, drawing attention to the fireplace and adding depth to the room. The combination of dark and light tones creates a sense of balance and drama.

Outdoor Living

Now let’s explore how external contrast can enhance the overall design of your custom home. Mixing materials such as dark deck railing with a wood-like composite and light-toned columns can create a visually appealing contrast. This combination adds depth and dimension to the exterior, making it visually captivating without taking away from the beauty of the outdoors.

Kimberley Development Designers

Incorporating contrast in custom home designs is a surefire way to create interest and powerful aesthetics while maintaining timelessness. By mixing siding types for texture, choosing darker accent colors, and combining materials like metal, wood, tile, and stone, you can achieve stunning results. Whether it’s through focal fireplace built-ins, external contrasts, or designing a timeless home, you will see the Kimberley Difference. With endless possibilities, our in-house designer can help create a space that is perfectly unique and beautiful. Embrace the art of contrast with this home while it lasts, other available Kimberley homes, or create a custom home that will never go out of style by contacting us today.