The Transitional Minimalist

Designing a custom home is much more than deciding where walls, appliances and fixtures will go. Throughout the design process, Kimberley guides our homebuyer to help generate plans that are intentional to their individual style and needs. For the Sedona plan in Granger, Iowa, we were able to create a timeless look that can easily evolve as time goes by. We call this home, the Transitional Minimalist and in this article we will break down the ways we made the design work.

Play with Form

When working with a minimalistic approach, line and shape manipulation plays an important role. Creating interest with a mixture of straight and curved lines helps to break up the monochromatic elements. In order to balance the sharp lines within the windows, doorways, and railings, we opted for a soft arch for balance.

Subtle Detail

Texture and pattern are vital pieces to design. Even more-so when working with a monochromatic theme, pattern will take something bland and spice it up. The key to adding these details while still constrained in the minimalistic style is subtlety. We wanted to add detail without standing out. An example is displayed in the slightly darker subway tile in the kitchen. We produced a backsplash that grounded the kitchen and dinette by continuing the clean monochrome look but added dimension and an anchor point to draw the eye in.

Loving our Neutrals

A neutral color palette is the signature feature in a transitional, minimalistic design. The neutral base of the home creates a fresh environment that is easily built upon. Neutrals can help add depth to a room without completely breaking away from the simple, clean, monochrome look. Play around with variants of gray, beige, taupe, black, and green and navy. Thats right, navy and green can be considered neutrals and when done correctly wont cause a distraction.


Having a few strong accent features will tie a room together. Sometimes, without these contrasting elements it can feel like a design is flat or lifeless. By adding dark hardware and an accent color on the island, it breaks up the similar colors throughout the kitchen. This gives the design balance in the visual weight of a room.

Breathing Room

By getting rid of the unnecessary visual clutter, this style can improve the flow and functionality of a home. The clean airy space will feel more spacious and calming.

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