Tips to Designing a Cohesive Custom Home

Building a custom home gives buyers the opportunity to truly express their style. Our clients are a major influence to the design and functionality of a home. As builders and designers, our job is to create a masterpiece that encompasses the unique style of each client in a way that is cohesive. Here are some of our best tips to creating an end product that flows nicely.

Define Your Style

Having an inconsistent style throughout each room causes a disconnect. A style theme to be used throughout a home helps to tie your different spaces together with a common look and feel. We like to use the exterior as inspiration when choosing these guidelines. It is the extra thought and effort that will elevate a beautiful home into a stunning work of art.

Hillcrest Open Floorplan

The transitions in color, material and texture are smooth and help the space flow from one room to another seamlessly.

Color Scheme

Choose colors that work well with each other through out the home. Color is one of the first elements that will set the tone of a room. For our Hilcrest project in Ankeny, we chose cool bright whites, and softer, more natural colors that would help to create a cozy atmosphere. To break up areas in the home, we decided to incorporate a strong, bold color on certain focal points. Choosing a deep navy color made sense because it still lives in the cool and organic realm that is so prominent in the rest of the homes design.


Another easy tip is to repeat some of the elements that are used in different ways. Accent colors and statement pieces can be used as inspiration to tie similar features together in a way that isn’t too obvious. One way we like to create unified designs in our homes is to be consistent with the type of materials we choose. By mixing and layering elements that are similar in multiple areas, it creates visual balance without being boring.

Clearly Define Each Space

A great way to create interest and enhance the cohesion of a home is to ensure each space is clearly defined. The best way to keep a house flowing is to be purposeful in deciding where one room ends and another begins. Especially in an open floor plan, it can be easy to blend each space together. To anchor each area in your home, feature walls, built ins, fireplaces, and other design elements can help to anchor a room that may otherwise feel like it is floating. Our Hilcrest project also uses light fixtures to clearly define where one room ends and another begins.

Build your Dream Home with Kimberley

Each project is a new adventure for both Kimberley and the Kimberley homebuyers. We love the challenge of creating a one of a kind home. Want to work with us? Call us at 515.963.8335 to see what lots and homes are currently available or to discuss your timeframe. Let us answer any questions you may have; we want you to feel great about your decision to build with Kimberley Development Corporation.