Top Fall Home Renovation Projects

The end of another summer season is coming, followed by a slightly cooler breeze, the smell of crisp leaves and an opportunity to get your house in order before the cold Iowa winter. While the long days of spring and summer may typically be the busiest time of year for home improvements, we all know that the past few years have been different. There is no right or wrong time to make updates to your home – only more convenient. Because the weather plays a huge role in the efficiency of some large projects many contractors are booked throughout the summer. The cooler fall weather can provide a great environment for many projects and will give homeowners a head start before others are scrambling to find contractors this spring. Here are some of the most popular home renovation projects for fall.

Exterior Projects

Fall is a suitable time to create the backyard landscape you have been dreaming of. With proper weather patterns work can be done well into the Fall and early months of Winter to create different structures, such as decks, patios, grilling areas, and other hardscapes that you will be able to enjoy as soon as spring comes around instead of waiting to hire. For the home in the image below, all-new windows, some siding and new exterior paint were added.


Room Additions

If you have the space to add onto your home, these projects can be great for the Fall. Adding a sunroom during the fall ensures the job will be finished well before the prime season to enjoy it.

Floor Plans

There is nothing better than living in a floorplan that is suited to your needs. Without adding square footage, simply utilizing the current space your house possesses more efficiently can make a room look significantly larger. Changing around where walls, electrical and plumbing goes is a massive, messy task. Doing a big project like this in the fall is ideal for a family. Since school is back in session, contractors are able to get things done during the day when no one is home. In this home, we were able to work with the existing square footage to create a master suite complete with a comfortable, spacious bathroom with a linen closet that previously did not exist.


Basement Finishes & Great Room Updates

With winter peaking up on us and the holidays around the corner, we will be spending more time inside. Adding usable square footage to your home is one of the best investments. Contractors typically have a less demanding schedule in the fall and winter months making it the ideal time to add more livable space inside your home or updating your current living areas. Though each project is different, a basement or great room remodel that starts in the fall is usually done in time to host your family for Thanksgiving or Christmas. In the photo below, Kimberley Construction changed out the flooring, replaced the stair rail, added timeless white trim, and elevated the fireplace surround.


Kitchen Remodels

Remodeling your kitchen is a daunting task no matter what season. Being the heart of the home, it is hard to find the most opportune time to make changes. We say rip the band-aid off and jump right in. Once you do, you will see how much it is worth it to have a beautiful dream of a kitchen in time for the new year. You may also find that upgrading appliances can be cheaper during a fall remodel because a lot of retailers like to clear out their stock before bringing in models for the new year.

The Kimberley Difference

Most indoor renovations can be done year-round, and we believe the best time to plan for a remodel is whenever it is most convenient for you and your family. We love building dream homes, but there is something incredibly special about taking a client’s current home that they cherish and elevating it into something they had been dreaming about for months, years, sometimes decades. Find more information about the Kimberley Construction remodel from the images above in the article covered by Welcome Home Des Moines.

If you have areas of your home that need upgrades, call us at (515)963-8335 or email us at remodel@kimdev.com. We provide free consultation, and a no obligation project estimate.