Types of Lighting in Your Custom Home

Lighting plays an important role in the look and feel of a home. For this reason we ensure our homebuyers have allocated a portion of their budget to get the lighting that they want. From general, functional fixtures, to accent lighting, Kimberley Development helps cover all of the bases. If you are looking for a fun, unique ways to add personality to your custom home, light fixtures can be a gorgeous, subtle detail, or a focal point in the design. This article will help to ensure you know the most important lighting options for your home.

General Lighting

General Lighting is essential to brighten a room effectively when the sun goes down. These are the practical lights we use for every day and night use. General lighting could come from a wide array of fixtures depending on the purpose, size, and shape of the room. When connected to a dimmer, general lighting can serve as ambient lighting as well./p>

Task Lighting

Task Lighting serves a very specific purpose for areas of the home where adding a light fixture is extremely convenient. A bedside lamp for example, helps illuminate the room while reading or getting ready for bed and eliminates the need to get out of bed in order to turn the lights out. Similarly, workspaces, desks, or side tables make great surfaces to place an extra light source.

Accent Lighting

Decorative lighting helps to accentuate the features of your home that you would like to stand out. Whether its under-cabinet lighting that adds a luxurious glow to your kitchen, or backlighting that illuminates the art on your walls, accent lighting is a simple way to create a custom look in a home.

Decorative Lighting

There are endless opportunities when it comes to decor. Lighting can be overlooked when it comes to ornamentation but can be an effective way to add visual interest without being overwhelming. LED strip lighting is a perfect example of the elegant look that can be added with lighting.

The Kimberley Difference

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