Unique Features for your Custom Home

One of the most exciting details in building a custom luxury home, is having little to no restrictions when it comes to creativity. Standard features and finishes may look nice, but a custom home is meant to look and feel unique to the homebuyer. With that in mind, let’s look at some of our favorite features to include in luxury home projects.

Hidden Rooms

One of our favorite features by far is the hidden room. A hidden room may serve as a functional space that adds a level of magic to your floor plan. These camouflaged spaces are striking features that give your home a sense of excitement and exclusiveness. Planning the layout and custom detail for a feature such as this helps to encompass more personality in your home. Hidden pantry doors, movie theater rooms, closet nooks, reading spaces… the options are limitless.

Rooftop Terrace

A rooftop patio, or terrace, creates an energy comparable to a big city penthouse. The extra outdoor living space that a rooftop patio provides is perfect for gatherings, a cozy place to relax and enjoy the view, an oasis for your hobbies, and a beautifully unique space to find serenity and enjoy the fresh air.

Window Backsplash

If you are craving a modern kitchen design, a window backsplash could be the key. Windows are well suited to use as a backsplash because of their easy maintenance and upkeep. Not only is a window backsplash beautiful, but it is a great way to add natural lighting and ventilation. Take the design a step further by creating a pass-through window. A pass-through window connects the interior and the exterior parts of your home for optimal entertainment performance. Easily create an indoor/outdoor space to gather, eat and cook by utilizing a pass-through window backsplash in your kitchen that opens up to your backyard’s patio countertop or bar.

Smart Technology

Adding smart technology to help with efficiency in your day-to-day life and environmental impact has become a staple in luxury homes. Optimize your home by customizing it to your lifestyle. Programmable thermostats, central vacuum systems, heated tile floors and more will help to make your home feel more comfortable. Not having to rely on outside resources helps to declutter and create a minimalistic atmosphere.

Pet Friendly Nooks

More and more animal lovers are incorporating features in their home design that cater to their pets. Custom built-in beds, spaces for food dishes, custom showers and tubs that make bath time much more convenient, and even special pet-sized staircases. These innovative additions help to keep your home organized, efficient, and comfortable for the whole family.

The Kimberley Difference

Take full advantage of the skilled team at Kimberley Development Corporation. We will help to create a home that is built to fit your style and needs while thinking outside of the box. The key to a jaw-dropping custom home is detail, quality, imagination, and the Kimberley difference.