Wrapping up 2021

We are both proud and humbled by the recent achievements within the Kimberley Development family. This year has been full of obstacles to overcome, decisions to be made and a whole lot of hard work by our amazing team and vendors. For over four decades, Kimberley Development has set the standards of excellence in design, quality and technologies in the homebuilding industry.

Bill Kimberley Honored by Home Builder Association of Greater Des Moines

Our owner and president, Bill Kimberley is known in the building community as one of the most innovative and respected people in the industry. Recently, Bill was presented with the Lloyd E. Clark Lifetime Achievement Award by the Home Builders Association of Greater Des Moines. He was also inducted into the associations Class of 2021 Hall of Fame. Kimberley has served as President of the Home Builders Association of Greater Des Moines, went on to serve the National Association and was voted in as Regional President in 1988. He has hosted and lead 4 HomeShowExpos, has built eleven HomeShowExpo homes over the years and has been Chair in the HomeShowExpo twice. The awards are too numerous to count, but include multiple Member of the Year Awards, Best in Show Awards, and Recruitment Awards for the more than 170 members he’s recruited. We are beyond proud of Bill’s hard work and motivation to build something more than a company. He has built a way of thinking, and has shown that we can succeed together if we offer a product and experience that is of the highest quality, while working hard, and being diligent in our effort in providing the best overall experience for our homebuyers while working and learning together as a team day in and day out.

Bills HBA Hall of Fame Award

Jenna Kimberley elected president of Des Moines Home Builders Association

Since the beginning, Jenna has immersed herself into the many roles of Kimberley Development Corp. with the intention of making things better, and more efficient across the board. Now, as vice president of Kimberley Development, she has achieved incredible things for this company as well as the community. January of 2022, Jenna will take office as President of the Home Builders Association of Greater Des Moines. She follows in the footsteps of her father, Bill Kimberley, who served as president of the association more than three decades ago. Jenna Kimberley has proven to be an asset in the building community and has made strides to improve the industry before her.

Jennas 2022 HBA Presidential Announcement

Showcasing in and Host of HomeShowExpo 2022

This year, we announced that our development, Kimberley Estates will be host in the HomeShowExpo 2022. We have been working on our home to showcase for the event and are thrilled to take on such a rewarding challenge. We are excited to see this former Century Farm become Ankeny’s newest luxury living community. The view in each home will be gorgeous with mature trees, and a tranquil four mile creek. Home sites are going up now, each with something unique and incredible to offer.

Opportunities to Support our Community

During this year, volunteer hours dropped significantly because of the pandemic. One of our priorities this year was to help where we could. Through volunteering, donating, and taking on roles to host fundraisers for such important causes, Kimberley Development Corp. has been an active part in multiple charities throughout Greater Des Moines. Supporting our local community has always been principal within our Kimberley Development family, and we are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to make a difference. We were able to get involved in the Habitat for Humanities Builders Circle, donate and take an active roll in the Good Vibes Movement, and donate to other local charities within Greater Des Moines. Seeing the tremendous effect these causes has on our community and its residents is the fuel to our fiery passion of providing a place for people to call home. We realize that in the face of the great need right now, our donation is a drop in the bucket. But it is our commitment to be better, do better, and build up our community.

We want to thank our entire team and their families for helping Kimberley Development achieve so much success this year. We have built so many gorgeous homes, have continued to provide the best customer experience we possibly can and are able to give back to the community that we love because of each individual who helps us work toward our goals. This years achievements were also made possible because of the many homebuyers who entrusted us with their dream home. We are thrilled to have been able to work with so many incredible families to build homes that will be cherished and provide stunning comfort and beauty that is a Kimberley Home.

Here is to the last few weeks of 2021, it was such a challenging year in so many ways and it made us stronger, it made us better. Thank you.